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Daily Training Log - 11Feb2022

Yesterday was a slow day as I nursed the shoulder that I hurt Wednesday morning at jujitsu training. The end of the clavicle was very sore so decided to get it x-rayed to make sure the bone wasn't chipped or fractured. Good news is that it was just a Level II sprain of the AC joint. After a day in a sling and regular heat application it is feeling a ton better. Not being able to workout has made me a little restless and sidetracked some of the other training but today is the last day I let that be an excuse.

In addition to the daily timeline I am going to start posting health stats from the morning including sleep score (Fitbit), sleep time, resting heart rate, weight and blood pressure. Not sure if these are relevant metrics but posting them will keep me accountable to tracking them.

The last addition will be to include the highlight videos I found most engaging or educational from my daily YouTube research.

The other item of note today is I watched the recording of Elon's Starship update from last night. Made me feel like I am on the right track.

"Let's make this real!" - Elon Musk


0700: Wake Up

0800-1100: Online Physics

1100-1200: Day trading and other administrative work

1200-1230: Lunch

1230-1330: YouTube

1330-1530: Writing and Mars1000 website work

1530-1730: Visiting friends

1730-1830: Grocery shopping and dinner

1830-2030: Mars100 website - Assumptions "Who will pay for a city on Mars?"

Previous Nights Sleep Score: 85

Previous Nights Asleep Time: 8 hr 11 min

Previous Days Resting Heart Rate: 71 bpm

Morning Weight: 83.6kg

Morning Blood Pressure: 133/78


YouTube Highlights

Don't need to add anything here.

The stories of these UFC champions that are African immigrants are just incredible. I can watch these over and over.


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