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Daily Training Log - 12Feb2022

Partial training day on a Saturday. Spent a lot of time on the phone with my mom, which was nice as we hadn't had much of a chance to chat recently. The shoulder feels much better today. Looking forward to getting back to jiujitsu on Wednesday.

Oh, I almost forgot. I saw this article on Twitter last night about the California DFEA lawsuit at the Freemont Tesla plant. The absurdity of the lawsuit made me so angry I couldn't see straight and could barely sleep last night. Need to stop looking at Twitter so late.


0700: Wake Up

0700-0900: Coffee and YouTube

0900-1100: Writing

2200-2300: Writing - Website

2300-0000: Online physics

Previous Nights Sleep Score: 78

Previous Nights Asleep Time: 4 hr 33 min

Previous Days Resting Heart Rate: 69 bpm

Morning Weight: 84.8 kg

Morning Blood Pressure: 126/74


YouTube Highlights

Videos like this are the reason why I think it will be important to have experience in a Tesla manufacturing role to be in the Mars1000. We will have to build a lot of stuff on Mars and we'll certainly have to use the Tesla manufacturing model (whatever that is).


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