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Daily Log 07 March 2022

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Wake Up: 0647

Sleep Score and Time Asleep: 80 and 7:00

Resting Heart Rate: 71

Weight: 82.7kg

BP: 125 / 8

Calories: 2,210

Today was sort of a weird day. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is 12 days on now and I am very suspicious of the storyline that is being portrayed in the news. I am afraid that we are radically underestimating Putin and am afraid of the consequences of that. The US equity markets are way down and oil is skyrocketing. But I digress...

I was hoping to return to jiu jitsu but decided to give it one more day. Yesterday I decided to make a firm commitment to myself to do three things everyday, without fail, for the foreseeable future. They are:

  • Exercise everyday for at least 10 minutes (including a deliberate walk)

  • Write 500 words for this site (even if it is gibberish)

  • Log every calorie I eat (I have calorie targets but as long as I log it, I can eat anything)

If I do these three things I am clear for the day. If I miss one, I will punish myself financially but giving money to something or someone I disagree with strongly.

I know these seem like low goals but that is why there are three of them, they are every day and not doing them will result in severe punishment. I also think there is something to be said for setting goals of things you must do versus setting goals of things you cannot do. I just doing think punitive goals work as well. We'll see how this goes!

For training today I did an evening walk. For writing I finished off a post about the Most Valuable Resource on Mars and wrote all or most of one on training requirements for Mars. Logged all my calories which you can see below.

I decided to set the low bar but daily goals after spending some YouTube time with a Norwegian runner Göran Winblad. I love his videos both because of the content, production quality and his perfect Norwegian accent narration. He ran every day for a year in 2020 and then continued all the way through 2021. I will put those videos below but the one I really loved was the one describing his 10 minute rule. Basically, the hardest part of exercise is just getting out the door so he absolutely commits to the 10 minute run every day and if that's all he can do he stops after 10 minutes. But of course, most days he does much more. I felt like pulling a little inspiration from that.

“I think it is super important to have a why. Whenever you set out to do something, if you don't have a well grounded answer to the question why it becomes a lot harder to get it done." Göran Winblad on running every day for a year.

Daily Content:

Göran's great video on the ten minutes rule. The first 30 seconds or so are great.

Göran's first running every day for a year. He talks about the importance of having a why when it comes to doing hard things. I think we know my why.


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