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about mars1000

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In late 2021 began to realize, mainly through long hours of YouTube "research" that Elon Musk and SpaceX was really going to Mars...and they were going soon.

This clicked off a flurry of activity, research and self reflection that led me to make major changes in my life in virtually all areas: financially, mentally, physically, academically and spiritually.  The Mars1000 began as a person project where I reoriented my life around doing everything possible to be one of the first 1,000 human to step foot on the red planet.  I felt this was an achievable but stretch goal that fit well between the self centered statement of wanting to be first and waiting so long where you could just be an easy colonizer.  And no matter what, I know I would be a better human - Earthling or Martian - having made the effort.

As I started the process it became clear that no one (at least publicly) was thinking about what it would take to be one of the first human settlers of Mars or more importantly how they would govern themselves there, so I decided to start thinking about it.

The result is this project, The Mars1000: a public mediation on what what it would take to be one of those first humans, what rights and ideas we would take with us from Earth and how we would govern ourselves once there.

This is simply the work of one man and it my ideas and conclusions draw heavily from my own experience, but it is done in the best of faith.  I hope it hits the mark more often than it misses and most importantly, that it inspires others to think about how we bring the best of humanity to the rest of our solar systems and eventually out galaxy...while leaving the worst behind.

-Carter Gaffney

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